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Learn How to Work Smarter


Embrace Your Hills!

Confront Your Fears and Overcome Your Weaknesses


Make the Change

Three "shifts" can help your life improve


Everyone Can Learn

This book illustrates how making three specific “shifts” will help you succeed in college and in your career

The Attitude Shift

Learn how to develop confidence and adopt a new mindset about your intellectual ability

The Connection Shift

Discover how to connect with faculty, administrators, your managers and peers to maximize your college and work experience

The Behavioral Shift

Here, easily pick up practical tips to improve your performance and deepen your learning

Learn to ‘Work Smarter’ from Dr. Reid!

Are you facing challenges as a college student? Struggling with managing a social life, homework, and exams? This book is a must-read for those determined to overcome the challenges nearly all college students face. Dr. Reid provides easily adaptable solutions for college students to secure their success!

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A Word From Dr. Reid

Born out of my experience as a student, researcher, and an associate dean, and based on a series of workshops I taught at MIT to improve student achievement, I wrote Working Smarter to equip students with the attitude and practical strategies needed to get better grades and become lifelong learners.

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The Behavior ShiftZZ. Featured
April 27, 2013

Preparing for Exams

Preparing for Exams Back in an earlier post, I wrote about how I discovered the Deep Dive Learning process in my freshman year in college. This post will summarize a…

The Connection ShiftZZ. Featured
April 6, 2013

The Connection Shift Part I: Get to Know Faculty, Even (and Especially) If You’re Shy

Some years after I became a college administrator, I invited a good friend, Donna Johnson to lead a workshop for incoming college students with whom I worked at my university….

The Attitude ShiftZZ. Featured
March 17, 2013

The Attitude Shift Part I: Why Attitude Matters in College

It was the great motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar who said, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” I don’t wholly agree with him. Rather than dismissing aptitude as…

Excellent read for parents and future college students. Enjoyed learning about Dr. Reid's interesting background and journey.
A must read.

Angela Ellis

Excellent and realistic. Great recommendations for success in College.


I read this book and think that it is a great resource for new college students. I am going to look into getting copies for groups of incoming students for the program that I run at my university. I am familiar with some of the references, and I like how this book builds upon other options such as the Guaranteed 4.0 method.

Amazon Customer